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I got the gas, who got the match?
Quick to roll up sour patch
Got the shooters in the back
All the trucks I ride are black
She pop a perc to take a nap
No more fist fights, we don’t scrap
Fuck the talking, we don’t chat
From the bottom of the map
Like a dike I got the strap
Trample work, we run through packs
Like a shelf we got the racks
Got the bundles and them stacks
She do it with no hands and then she throw it back
She master chef up with the cheese, she got the mac
All the smoke is gonna make your lung collapse
To the max, turn me way up to the max
‘Round my side it’s not nice
Life a gamble, roll the dice
I’m in the trap house like the mice
Gourmet, whippin’ up the rice
Come correct, I got the price
‘Round my side nothing nice
‘Round my side nothing nice
I just had to tell ‘em twice
I need the Ms, nothing less
More money, no more stress
Gymnastics, I make it stretch
Cut them off with cutlass
Pumpkin juice in my cup
I got killas in the cut
Divide the work and make it plus
Got the pillowcases stuffed
My scale is touching everything
I gave my love a wedding ring
Feel like Stunna with the bling
Hotline bling, I got the bling
She wanna party with the goblins
Fuck her in the mosh pit
Keep the energy, got the turn up Hennessy
Got me 32 degree, two sticks up when I ski
They had footage, took the plea
Get head from this stripper p

Instrumental break

Verse 2

Now my eyes are Chinese
Two tings, they Siamese
Eat me up like hi chew and I ball like Caillou
Wipe my nose like “Achoo”
In my wrist I got boogers
With the white, look like sugar
Made the money off a hooker
Put you on a T like Booker
All my shooters look like troopers
And your shooters goof troopers
We got 30s like a hooper
And I got the itchy finger
I’ma finger fuck the trigger
Nina back just like a n**ger
And I’m serving white people
And I’m dodging all the people
Make a movie like the sequel
We got birds like eagles
We got birds like eagles
I go crazy for my dog, John Wick
I beat 7 out the eagles like I’m Mike Vick
You can smell prometh’ when I piss
Step up to the target, never miss
I could put the gun to your lips
If you got a date with death, give a kiss
If you got a death wish, make a wish
I’m like a lumberjack with the stick
I’m like your grandmother with the stick
You wanna be like a killer? Get the blick
I swear these niggas all acting like a flick
I get the niggas all lit up like a wick
You a bitch, domestic, I get you hit
I’ma make it all with my niggas, off the rip
I remember I was always on the strip
I remember when the strap was fallin’ off my hip
Wholesale, thirteen, fourteen a zip
Now I take flights, Louie luggage on the trip